“Raised amidst the potato fields they know almost everything about potatoes. The boys of clay. The tough weathered hands are evidence of hard labor and a life outside. Clay gives potatoes taste: their own, distinct taste. The taste we became accustomed to in the Netherlands”

De Jonges van de Klei is an innovative concept, available for retail since 2013. The name means ‘guys from the clay’. Dutch potatoes are usually grown in clay ground, which gives them a specific own, good taste. Our Jongens van de Klei brand line exists of:
  • A broad product range of traditional species like Bildtstar, Eigenheimer, Irene, Nicola, Doré, Opperdoezer Ronde and Frieslander.
  • Gourmet potatoes like Gourmandine, small potatoes and roast potatoes for barbecue use.
Also look at www.jongensvandeklei.nl.